Monitoring and remote control of oil reservoir

This IIoT based system consists of two main parts: available hardware in oil field, such as separators and injection controlled valves and software part. These two geographically separated parts are interconnected by IoT communication modules. We developed the software part. The input to the software is the daily production of oil, water and gas from oil field and the output of the software is the optimal injection rate to be injected to oil field by injection valves. This optimal rate is computed so that it pushes the oil in the reservoir towards the production wells resulting in much higher oil production and the recovery factor with respect to the available technologies. We implemented this emerging IIoT based system on part of one of Iran's offshore oil reservoirs via computer simulation; and we illustrated that this technology could increase the oil production by 26% and the injection Net Present Value (NPV) by 47%. Iran's offshore oil company is interested to implement this technology on Iran's offshore reservoirs.


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